SATCON is a Lebanese company, established in 1993 to take part in the field of geotechnical and materials engineering and contracting. Ever since, the company has been active in this field, providing services to private and governmental organizations on a variety of projects, including single residential/office buildings, housing complexes, schools, bridges and dams.

Activities started with geotechnical investigation, quality control, quality assurance, and materials engineering, and were later extended to include design, supervision and execution of temporary and ermanent excavation support systems, underpinning, slope stabilization, and treatment of soil and foundation problems.
SATCON is backed up with 20 years of previous experience of its management in the Gulf, and by the experience of present field and office staff.Engineering recommendations are given in accordance with elevant codes and engineering practice.

“Economical designs are a target, but safety remains the most important issue.”

For site investigation works, SATCON owns a fleet of drilling equipment capable of working in all conditions; Small equipment to work in limited space areas, and large equipment to work in open space. Equipment are supported with all tools for field testing, drilling and sampling in all types of soil and rock. Field and laboratory works are carried out in accordance with relevant ASTM or BS.
For geotechnical construction works, SATCON also owns equipment for drilling micropiles to large diameter piles, nails & anchors, as well as equipment for Shotcrete, grouting, and injection.

Our commitment to our profession and to our clients is to carry out all works we are trusted to do,
in the most professional manner.